Finn Hudson→  Pete | Cory Monteith |  21 | Soldier | Straight
| Single | OPEN|

“What’s a cliché? Is that a bad thing?

Finn Hudson was born to Carole and Christopher Hudson, but right after he was born, not even 6 months later, his father, who’d been deployed overseas, died and he was never able to meet him. 

Growing up, he never knew what he wanted to do with his life, his mother had always recounted stories of his dad, of how much of a hero he was, until one day he discovered the truth, about how he actually came back from war and lost himself in alcohol. 

That’s when Finn decided joining the ARMY was a good idea, to bring some honor into his family.



Sugar Motta → Larissa Loughlin |Vanessa Lengies | 21 | 
Editor in Chief for Interview Magazine | Straight | Single| OPEN

"Don’t sweat the small stuff. And it’s all small stuff when you’re rich."

Sugar Motta was born to one of the richest families in New York city. She never had to work a day in her life and she has always been used to being handed whatever she needs. It wasn’t a surprise at all when she requested she get named editor in chief for one of the most famous fashion magazines in New York, only for it to happen within a week of her request. 

Even if people thought at the beginning that she wouldn’t be enough for the job, her extravagance and attitude have made her win a lot of respect between the people in the industry, she’s a hard worker and extremely creative, and because she can be very blunt about what she likes and dislikes, she has never had a problem removing things or adding them to into the magazine. 



Kurt Elizabeth Hummel  → Carrie Bradshaw | Chris Colfer | 17 | Student |
| Single | TAKEN

"One day, you will all work for me!"

Kurt Elizabeth Hummel was born on May 27th on 1997 to Burt and Elizabeth Hummel. He was raised by his parents to be always himself even though both his parents knew he was different to other boys the moment he asked for a sensible pair of heels for his 3rd birthday. 

He has never been one to make friends easily, much less in a city like Castlebury, Connecticut where people aren’t as accepting of him and of the things he likes. He has known he’s gay for a long time and he came out to his parents and his friends on his freshman year of High School. 

Thankfully his small group of friends always have shown him support and so did his father and mother and everything seemed to be going pretty well until his sophomore year when his mother was diagnosed with Cancer. She deteriorated quickly and by the end of the summer she died leaving Burt and Kurt by themselves. 

Kurt knows he has his friends and his father, and he knows there’s always people who will get him through everything, but his mother was his biggest hero and he’s trying to figure out what will happen now that she’s gone.



Tina Cohen-Chang → Jill "The Mouse" Chen | Jenna Ushkowits | 17 | Student |
Straight | In a Relationship |OPEN|

“I am a powerful woman, and my growing feminism will cut you in half like a righteous blade of equality!

She was born on the 28th of April of 1997. Both her parents came from China before she was born so they could raise her in America and so she could have a prosperous life in the country of Freedom and they have always put everything they had to make her life as easy as possible so that all her dreams (that are also their dreams, but she doesn’t mind because they have become hers as well) can come true. 

Since she was born she has been raised to always be the best at what she does. She loves school and her biggest goal in life is to get into Harvard, which means she needs to keep a perfect grades record, and she has done it since she was in kindergarten.

Even though keeping straight A’s isn’t that easy, she has managed to do it because of her competitive personality and her innate intelligence, and also with the unconditional love and support from her beloved ones. 



Sebastian Smythe → Sebastian Kydd |Grant Gustin | 17 | Student |
Gay | Single| TAKEN

“Fun. I don’t like you either

Sebastian Smythe was born in Paris, France the 14th of January of 1997. He’s the son of Garret and Noelle Belisle who both come from wealthy families. At the age of 14 he moved with his parents to New Jersey, where he was expelled from 3 different private schools. At age 16 his parents divorced due to the fact that his mother slept with their tennis instructor Jules, which in Sebastian’s opinion was a whole lot better than having them fight and cheat on each other all the time.

Noelle stayed in New Jersey with Jules, and even though Sebastian worries a lot about her because he knows that Jules only wants her money, he decided to move to Castlebury Connecticut with his father, where they live in a really big house with Cecilia, the family’s maid and the person who basically raised Sebastian.

Since his father is tired of sending Sebastian to private schools where he’s always expelled from, for his junior year he is sending him to Castlebury High, and even though he’s not that happy with having to be in a stinky public school, he knows it’s sort of a punishment for all the things he’s done before.


  • Strengths: Adaptable, ambitious, charming, determined, independent, intellectual
  • Flaws: Arrogant, big-headed, cynical, flirtatious, impatient, impulsive and self-centered. 


  •  Kurt Hummel: They met in the summer at the swim club, the two of them hit it off right away and after a few weeks of knowing each other, they kissed, but then Sebastian mentioned that his house’s pool was almost finished and Kurt knew he wouldn’t ever see Sebastian again. 
  • Garret Smythe (NPC): Garret’s business always has him busy and he doesn’t have enough time to spend with Sebastian. The few times they’ve tried doing things together to bond, something else has came up that’s more important into Garret’s agenda and Sebastian has given up on trying to get close to him. 
  • Noelle Belisle (NPC): Noelle has never really been involved in Sebastian’s life. She loves him, of course, and Sebastian loves her as well, but she has always had other priorities. She cares a lot about money and clothes and things and fancy dinner, and that’s where she spends most of her time instead of spending it with Sebastian.

Blaine Devon Anderson→ Walt Reynolds |Darren Criss | 17 | Student | 
Gay (Closeted, confused) | In a Relationship| OPEN

“I just want to make art and help people

Blaine Devon Anderson was born on February 5th of 1997 to Melody and Jason Anderson. He comes from a very conservative family, who has always considered traditions to be the most important thing in life and who expect for Blaine to always be the role model kid they raised him to be. 

And Blaine has never disappointed them. He’s very well mannered and has always been a very good student, he likes dressing nicely and he has always been nothing but a gentleman, but he lately has been questioning if he is who he thinks he is. 

It started with dating Rachel Berry for two years and not being able to have any sort if intimacy with her, when she has seen other boys want to be with their girlfriends on the first week of them dating. He’s been questioning himself ever since.



Sam Evans→ Bennet Wilcox| hord Overstreet | 21 | 
Model for Interview Magazine | Gay | Single |OPEN|

“Just be you and the sexy will flow through

Samuel Evans was born in Kentucky on February 18th of 1993, he’s the older of three siblings and has always liked to take good care of his little sister and brother. When Sam was in High School, his family started having problems. His father got unemployed and his mother’s salary wasn’t enough for the whole family so they moved around the country a lot, until his father luckily landed a job in New York City. 

Though it wasn’t much, they finally had an stable home and a nice place for the kids to grow up, but Sam felt the need to help out. That’s when he started modeling, he was aware of his good looks and he had always taken care of his body, so it wasn’t hard to land the job and quickly move up in the modeling world. He never expected modeling to be his true career but it paid well and he had fun, so why not? He was quickly offered a job as one of Interview magazines models, and knowing the company name he quickly said yet to offer and began working right away and has enjoyed every minute of it.



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Rachel Berry→ Maggie Landers | Lea Michele |  17 | Student | Straight | 
In a Relationship|OPEN|

“Being part of something special makes you special

Rachel Berry was born on August 29 of 1997 and she’s the daughter of LeRoy and Hiram Berry. To her this has always been normal, but for the people in Connecticut it’s quite difficult still to accept a couple so ‘unusual’. 

Ever since she was a little girl, Rachel was raised to pursue her dreams and she has always been a spoiled girl. Her dads have always been interested in her life and in everything that goes on with her, giving Rachel a personality that’s not so easy going but also a passion and love for things that made her find friends that share those same passions and interests. 

Rachel is passionate about music and Broadway and musical theater, mostly. She’s an incredible singer and performer but her passion for things often tend to scare people away.


  • Strengths: Ambitious, confident, tenacious, affectionate, broad-minded, determined, confident.
  • Flaws: Egotistical, selfish, bossy, self-centered, impulsive 


  • Tina Cohen-Chan: They met thanks to Kurt on 3rd grade. Even though their life goals are very different they still love each other and always support the other. And although they often disagree with each other’s ideas that’s never been a reason for them to dislike each other.
  • Kurt Hummel: Kurt and Rachel met when they were 6 years old at the start of the school year. The two of them have been best friends since then and they always are there for each other. The two of them have many things in common and they love spending time together, singing and watching musicals.
  • Blaine Anderson: Rachel met Blaine at the beginning of High School. There was an instant connection between Rachel and him, with them having the same interests and a lot of things in common and they became a couple after a couple months of knowing each other, which meant developing an immediate friendship with Tina and Kurt as well, and becoming a very close group of friends. 
  • Noah “Puck” Puckerman: Noah works for one of Rachel’s dads. They met over the summer and Noah has always been very flirtatious and open about his interest on Rachel.

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